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Ingeniq offer the full curriculum of Splunk training courses. We are the leaders in Splunk education for Australia and New Zealand providing Instructor-led classes virtually or on-site.
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We offer the following Splunk Courses

Splunk Courses

Ingeniq is the Authorised Splunk Training Provider for Australia and New Zealand and is certified to deliver the complete range of Splunk courses and offer both Instructor led public and dedicated virtual and face-to-face courses.

Ingeniq trainers have been providing training on all aspects of Splunk since 2010 and have won numerous awards and accolades for training delivery including “2011 Evangelist of the Year” for training excellence.

Fundamentals 1

This self-paced e-learning or Instructor-led version teaches you how to search and navigate in Splunk, use fields, get statistics from your data, create reports, dashboards, lookups, and alerts. It will also introduce you to Splunk’s datasets features and Pivot interface.

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Fundamentals 2

This course focuses on searching and reporting commands and creation of knowledge objects. Major topics include using transforming commands and visualizations,filtering and formatting results, creating workflow actions and data models, and normalizing data with the CIM.

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Splunk Enterprise System Administration

This course is designed for system administrators and provides the fundamental knowledge of Splunk license manager, indexers and search heads. It covers configuration, management, and monitoring core Splunk Enterprise components.

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Splunk Enterprise Data Administration

This course prepares system administrators to configure and manage Splunk. Topics include installation, configuring data inputs and forwarders, data management, user accounts, licenses, and troubleshooting and monitoring.

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Cluster Administration

This course is for advanced Splunk administrators. The splunk course provides the fundamental knowledge of deploying and managing a Splunk cluster environment. It covers installation, configuration, management,  monitoring, and troubleshooting of Splunk clusters.

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Advanced Dashboards and Visualizations

This course is designed for power users who want to create advanced dashboards, forms, and visualizations.Includes editing simple XML, using tokens, global searches, event handlers, dynamic drilldowns and custom stylesheets.

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Building Splunk Apps

This course focuses on Splunk application development. A Splunk Training designed for advanced users, administrators and application developers who wants to learn to create powerful, interactive applications using the Splunk Web Framework.

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Architecting Enterprise Deployments

This course focuses on large enterprise deployments. Anyone involved in the design and deployment of Splunk will learn steps and best practices for planning, data collection, sizing and documenting a distributed deployment.

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Using Enterprise Security

This course prepares security analysts and administrators to use the Splunk add-on for Enterprise Security (ES). Students will use ES to identify and track security incidents, analyse security risks, use predictive analytics, and threat discovery.

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Administering the Splunk App for Enterprise Security

This course prepares architects and systems admins to install, configure and manage the Splunk app for ES. It covers ES event processing and normalization, risk analysis settings, threat intelligence and customization.

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Advanced Searching & Reporting

This course focuses on more advanced search and reporting commands. Scenario-based examples and hands-on challenges enable users to create robust searches, reports, and charts.

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Regular Expressions

This Ingeniq Training regular expression (RegEx) course is a perfect edition to your Splunk Training Program. This training will make you feel comfortable working with more complex search commands, .conf file editing and data processing.

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Implementing IT Service Intelligence

This course prepares consultants to install and configure Splunk’s app for IT Service Intelligence (ITSI). Topics include ITSI architecture, installation, service design and implementation, configuring entities, notable events, and developing glass tables and deep dives.

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Troubleshooting Splunk

This course is designed for Splunk Administrators. Learn the techniques for troubleshooting a standard splunk distributed deployment using the tools available on Splunk Enterprise. This is a lab-oriented class designed to help you gain troubleshooting experience using a live system and simulated case logs.

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