Course List
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Course List

Administering Enterprise Security – 25th – 27th February

This 13.5 hour course prepares architects and systems administrators to install, configure and manage Splunk Enterprise Security. It covers ES…


Advanced Dashboards and Visualizations 20th February

This one-day course is designed for advanced users who want to create SplunkJS-based dashboards and forms. It focuses on creating…


Using Enterprise Security 20th-22nd February

This 3 day virtual course prepares security practitioners to track security incidents, analyse security risks,use predictive analytics and threat recovery.…


Creating Dashboards with Splunk 18th-19th February

This two-day course is designed for power users who want to create fast and efficient views that include customized charts,…


Cluster Administration – 6th-8th February

This 13.5 hours course is for advanced Splunk administrators. The course provides the fundamental knowledge of deploying and managing a Splunk…