Splunk Accredited IT SME I (SE) - Splunk Accreditation Tracks
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Splunk Accredited IT SME I (SE)

This learning path is designed to help SEs assist account teams with discovery and standard overviews/demos related to the ITSI domain. It covers how to present and demonstrate Splunk for IT solutions (Splunk ITSI and IT apps) and how to architect and configure a customer environment to support these solutions. Plus, how to present ITOA Prescriptive Value Paths, and more.

Learning Path

Certification Exam - Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin
Working with Metrics

This course provides Splunk users in-depth information about metrics, ingesting and searching metrics data, and how to use the Metrics Workspace to analyze and create visualizations.

Implementing IT Service Intelligence

This 4 virtual-day course prepares consultants to install and configure Splunk’s app for IT Service Intelligence (ITSI). Students will learn to use ITSI to monitor mission-critical services. Topics include ITSI architecture, deployment planning, installation, service design and implementation, configuring entities, notable events, and developing glass tables and deep dives.

Splunk Enablement Content
  • Learning IT Markets
  • DevOps Foundations: Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration
  • What is Event Management
  • Read the Phoenix Project
  • ITSI Sizing and Preparation – Course
  • ITSI Modules and Data Sources – Course
  • ITSI Resources
  • Presenting AIOps
  • Presenting Service Insights
  • Presenting Splunk for IT Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Splunk Oxygen
  • Splunkers: Take the Training: Splunk Cloud – Project Autobahn – Splunk ITOA POVs
  • Splunkers: Take the Training: Autobahn
  • Splunk and ServiceNow
  • Conducting the Event Analytics
  • Conducting an ITOA Prescriptive Value Path (PVP)
  • What is AIOps / NewOps?
  • Learning IT Markets – Service Catalog
  • VictorOps
  • Splunk Business Flow
Accreditation Exam - Splunk Accredited IT SME I (SE)

Final Exam and Survey.

Accreditation Badges (PNGs) and certificates (PDFs) will be available for download upon achievement.