Splunk Accreditations Sales Engineer III
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Splunk Accredited Sales Engineer III

To become an accredited Sales Engineer III you must be a qualified Sales Engineer II and also a Splunk Certified Architect.

To achieve Architect I certification you need to have your Admin Certification and to then complete the following:

Architecting Enterprise Deployments - Required Course

This 9 hour splunk course focuses on large enterprise deployments. Students will learn steps and best practices for planning, data collection and sizing for a distributed deployment. Workshop-style labs challenge students to make design decisions about an example enterprise deployment.

Splunk Enterprise Practical Lab Exam - Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect

Once you’ve successfully attended and passed the courses above, you are eligible to take the Splunk Certified Architect exam. Click here to register for the Lab on the Splunk website, there is a fee for this exam.

Advanced Searching and Reporting with Splunk - Required Course

You will then need to complete the following virtual instructor led course, there is no free self-paced e-learning option for this class.

This 13.5 hour splunk course focuses on more advanced search and reporting commands. Scenario-based examples and hands-on challenges enable users to create robust searches, reports, and charts

Creating Dashboards with Splunk - Required Course

This two-day course is designed for power users who want to create fast and efficient views that include customized charts, drilldowns, advanced behaviors and visualizations. Major topics include using tokens, global searches, event handlers, dynamic drilldowns and simple XML extensions for JavaScript and CSS.

Sales Engineer III

Once you have successfully completed all of the above you will be eligible to be an Accredited Sales Engineer III, there is no extra exam for this accreditation.

Accreditation Badges (PNGs) and certificates (PDFs) will be available for download upon achievement.