Splunk Accreditations Sales Engineer III
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Splunk Accredited Security SME I

Prior to beginning the enablement content, please ensure you completed the prerequisite as this will be required to complete the learning path and to receive your accreditation.
Prerequisite: Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin

Learning Path

Using Enterprise Security - Required Course

This 3 virtual day course (13.5 hours) prepares security practitioners to track security incidents, analyse security risks, use predictive analytics, and threat discovery. It covers the use of Enterprise Security’s dashboards, forms and workflow to identify, find root cause and resolve security issues.

Administering Enterprise Security - Required Course

This 13.5 hour course prepares architects and systems administrators to install, configure and manage Splunk Enterprise Security. It covers ES event processing and normalization, deployment requirements, technology add-ons, settings, risk analysis settings, threat intelligence and protocol intelligence configuration, and customisations.

Administering Phantom - Required Course
Splunk User Behaviour Analytics - Required Course

Please visit the link to know more. This is available as a free learning. https://education.splunk.com/course/splunk-user-behavior-analytics-elearning

Splunk Enablement Content

Accessed through the Splunk Partner Learning at no cost.

  • Security Industry Knowledge
  • UBA – School of Infantry (SOI)
  • SIEM Replacement
  • Security Personas
  • ES Sizing and Architecture
  • ES Healthcheck
  • UBA – Sizing and Architecture
  • Risk based Alerting (RBA)
  • MITRE Attack
  • How to run a security workshop
  • Security Competition
Security SME 1 - Final Exam

Final Exam and Survey.

Accreditation Badges (PNGs) and certificates (PDFs) will be available for download upon achievement.