Splunk Accredited Security SME II - Splunk Accreditation Tracks
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Splunk Accredited Security SME II

This learning path’s purpose is to up-level Security SME I on the InfoSec discipline. It covers presenting and demoing Splunk Security Solutions, developing and delivering the Security PVP, and managing a BOTS workshop.

Learning Path

Accreditation Exam - Splunk Accredited Security SME I (SE)
Certification Exam - Splunk Core Certified Enterprise Security Admin
Advanced Searching and Reporting

This 13.5 hour Splunk course focuses on more advanced search and reporting commands. Scenario-based examples and hands-on challenges enable users to create robust searches, reports, and charts. Students are coached step by step through complex searches to produce final results.

Major topics include optimizing searches, additional charting commands and functions, formatting and calculating results, correlating events, and using combined searches and sub-searches.

Splunk Cloud Administration
Developing Phantom Playbooks
Splunk Enablement Content
  • Advanced Security Industry Knowledge
  • ES Implementation Course Overview
  • Introduction to Basic Security Principles
  • Installing Splunk for ES
  • Onboarding Data
  • Installing ES with the Best Practices Deployment Guide
  • ES Under-the-Hood Part 1
  • ES Under-the-Hood Part 2
  • ES Frameworks
  • ES Integrations
  • Configuring ES with the Best Practices Deployment Guide
  • Splunk Security Use Cases
  • Upgrading ES
  • Troubleshooting ES
  • How to Run BOTS
  • Mission Control Preview
  • Machine Learning in Premium Solutions for Security and Machine Learning Toolkit
  • How Machine Learning Works with Machine Learning Toolkit
  • Applying Machine Learning Use Cases for Security with Machine Learning Toolkit
  • Risk Based Alerting
Accreditation Exam - Splunk Accredited Security SME I (SE)

Final Exam and Survey.

Accreditation Badges (PNGs) and certificates (PDFs) will be available for download upon achievement.