Splunk Services Accreditations Core Implementation
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Splunk Services Accreditations Core Implementation

Core Implementation (was Consultant II prior to Feb 15, 2018)

Implement Splunk in large Enterprise installations.

Implementation Fundamentals - Required Accreditation

To achieve Core Implementation Accreditation you need to have gained your Implementation Fundamentals Accreditation.
You will then need to complete the following virtual instructor led course, there is no free self-paced e-learning option for this class.

Cluster Administration - Required Course

This 3-virtual day course is for an experienced Splunk Enterprise administrator who is new to Splunk Clusters.The course provides the fundamental knowledge of deploying and managing Splunk Enterprise in a clustered environment.

It covers installation, configuration, management, and monitoring of Splunk clusters. While Splunk Clusters are supported in Windows environments, the class lab environment is running Linux instances only.

Splunk Enablement Courses - Free in Splunk Partner Learning
  • Core Implementation Supplemental Material
  • Distributed Search Migration Lab
  • Indexer Cluster Lab
Core Implementation Course

Splunk Enablement Live Instructor-led Class (developed and designed by the Splunk Services team). See Splunk Learning or Splunk Partner Learning for registration).

Questions can be addressed to Splunk Services Accreditations Core Implementation.

In this course you will learn;

  • Set up large clustered Splunk environments from scratch using best practices
  • Onboard numerous data sources correctly
  • Work with the customer to deliver dashboards and alerts that provide them value