Splunk Learning Tracks
Our Instructor-led classes are available virtually or at your site. We schedule virtual classes of the most in demand Splunk curriculum at least once a month.
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We offer the following Tracks

Splunk Learning Tracks

Certification Tracks provide comprehensive education for Splunk customer and partner personnel according to their areas of responsibility.

Classes are designed for specific roles such as User, Splunk Administrator, Application Developer or Architect.


The Ingeniq learning path for power users will not only help you to search, create alerts, rich reports and visualisations but also be able to create and manage knowledge objects used across your organisation.

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App Developers

Harness the power of Splunk’s Web Framework. Create rich, interactive dashboards and forms and package Splunk knowledge objects for distribution across your organisation.

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Enterprise Security End Users

This path prepares security practitioners to use splunk Enterprise Security (ES). Attendees will use ES to identify and track security incidents, analyse security risks, use predictive analytics and threat discovery.

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Learn concepts and best practices for sizing, scaling, and deploying Splunk across your organisation. These classes prepare you to design and implement a Splunk distributed deployment.

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Splunk Enterprise Administrators

Whether you’re responsible for a single Splunk instance or a massive distributed deployment, our Administrator curriculum teaches you the concepts, tasks, and best practices to keep your Splunk easy.

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Enterprise Security Administrators

Learn to install, configure, manage, and use the Splunk App for Enterprise Security. This path is intended for Splunk Administrators that manage Splunk Enterprise Security deployments.

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